Texas Enterprise Zone

Common Questions from Businesses seeking Texas Enterprise Zone Program funding.

What is the Texas Enterprise Zone Program?
The Texas Enterprise Zone Program is a refund on state sales and use tax on capital and fixed asset expenditures.
What is the purpose of the Texas Enterprise Zone Program?
The Enterprise Zone program encourages new jobs to be created and private investment in distressed communities throughout Texas.
Who is eligible for the Texas Enterprise Zone Program?
Companies who have or plan to invest at least $40,000 in capital or fixed assets and who have at least 10 employees or intend to hire new employees.
How does my company apply for the Texas Enterprise Zone Program?
Begin the online questionnaire and answer questions about your company including:
  • Number of current employees
  • Number of planned new employees
  • Capital Expenditures

Recent Texas Enterprise Zone Recipients

Company Project Max ISD County Total Investment
McLane Company, Inc. Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 bell $10,390,000
McAllen Hospitals, L.P. Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 hidalgo $57,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 harris $50,000,000
INEOS USA, LLC Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 harris $85,000,000
Dallas Cowboys Pro Shops, L.P. Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 collin $9,575,000
Avanzar Interior Technologies GP LLC Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 bexar $10,500,000
Igloo Products Corp. Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 waller $5,000,000
Bank of America Corporation Approved 01-Mar-21 02-Mar-26 dallas $8,200,000
W&W-AFCO Steel LLC Approved 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-25 tom green $10,000,000
Tyson Refrigerated Processed Meats, Inc. Approved 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-25 wilbarger $5,000,000

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