Texas Chapter 313 Tax Abatement Program

Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy projects are returning 18.2 percent of their tax benefits back to the school districts through supplemental payments, while R&D and manufacturing projects are paying 15 percent and 13.1 percent, respectively, in supplemental payments.

9,116 Qualifying Jobs Committed

Of the 9,116 qualifying jobs committed for creation under the 509 project agreements, 81 percent are in manufacturing and 13.1 percent are in renewable energy; the remaining 5.9 percent are in R&D.

$217 Billion Invested

Of the estimated $217 billion of investments under the 509 agreements, 70.8 percent of the investments are in manufacturing and 28.8 percent are in renewable energy; less than 1 percent are in research and development (R&D).

509 Current and Executed Agreements

Of the 509 current and executed agreements, 38 percent are manufacturing and 61 percent are renewable energy.

$10.8 Billion Gross Tax Benefit

Of the estimated gross tax benefit of $10.8 billion, manufacturing projects are estimated to receive 72.9 percent; renewable energy projects, 26.9 percent; and R&D, slightly less than two-tenths of 1 percent.

Chapter 313 is currently set to expire December 31, 2022.

If you currently have a program or would like to apply, please contact us.

The Chapter 313 program continues to grow - with 133 applications received in 2019, a new high.

Recent Chapter 313 Recipients

Company Project Max ISD County Year
GT Logistics, LLC Renewable Fuels Feedstock Proceesing Facility Port Arthur ISD jefferson 2022
Mustang Mountaineer Solar LLC Mustang Mountaineer Solar Project Brookesmith ISD brown 2022
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP 1-Hexene Unit Sweeny ISD brazoria 2022
Umbriel Solar, LLC Umbriel Solar Project Livingston ISD polk 2022
Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas Ethylene Di Chloride(EDC)/Vinyl Chloride Monomer(VCM) Reacter Unit Calhoun County ISD calhoun 2022
247CT 8me LLC 247CT 8me - Solar project Nixon-Smiley CISD wilson 2022
SP-Peregrine Solar LLC Peregrine Solar Goliad ISD goliad 2022
Grizzly Ridge Solar, LLC Grizzly Ridge Solar Project Hamilton ISD hamilton 2022
Bright Arrow Solar, LLC Bright Arrow Solar Sulphur Springs ISD hopkins 2022
Sparta Solar, LLC Sparta Solar Project Pawnee ISD bee 2022

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